Men’s Nude Yoga with William

This series starts in: 

NOTE:  This class will ONLY meet for 5 weeks.

Please register if you want to take the series. See Below.

Class size limited.  Please pre-register to reserve your space.

Drop-ins will only be allowed if the series does not fill to capacity AND you attend the FIRST night.

If you have a sincere interest to attend all weeks of the series, and finances are challenging for you, please contact me to sort out the details.


Yoga Philosophy tells us that we are much more than just a simple body, and yet most of the time, our yoga practice focuses specifically on what we do with our bodies, and less on how we interact with ‘the Creature’ that is our body, and the Soul inhabiting the Creature.

Join me to explore cultivating

a vital and satisfying relationship

with the body you currently have.

This 5-week series is for me men

who want to practice yoga
while not wearing clothes.

Beginner’s and experienced yogis welcome.

After 23 years of yoga practice, I keep coming back to the same question - what is yoga, and how will I know when I’m doing yoga correctly.  

And after 5 months of not teaching my men’s class, I realize that I miss the camaraderie that we created during our men’s nude yoga practice.   So I decided that while I am in Atlanta this summer, this will be the only weekly class that I offer.  My next opportunity to teach Nude Yoga in Atlanta will be December 2012.

Enrollment preference given to the men who register by prepaying for all 5 weeks.  If you do pay for all five weeks, it’s ok to miss a week.  (See below)

Please help me promote this series by sharing this webpage link with friends who might be interested in this series.

Location, Dates, Times & Cost:

Five Thursday Evenings in August 2012 from at Candler Park Yoga

7:30p - 8p - Discussion and Q&A on practices/principles of the evening

8p - 9:30p - Yoga practice, Meditation and Shavasana

9:30p - 10p - Discussion on what we did.

  1. BulletAugust 2 - The Mechanics of Breathing

  2. BulletAugust 9 - The Art of Moving Your Body in Space

  3. BulletAugust 16 - Feeling EVERYTHING at once... and surviving it.

  4. BulletAugust 23 - Living your Life as a Gift        (BTW - this is my birthday!)

  5. BulletAugust 30 - Yoga Uncovered - really - what is yoga?


Yoga Uncovered:  Seeing Your Self, Inside Out

All 5 weeks - $85

Drop-in price - $20 (Drop-ins ONLY available if space allows AND you attend the first night.  Check back on August 1 for this payment option.

To register and pay by check -

First - send me an EMail saying that you are in and when you’ll mail payment.

Second - mail your payment to:

William Hufschmidt

POBox 6032

Atlanta, GA 31107-0032

Attn:  Yoga Uncovered

Your space in the program will not be confirmed before I receive payment.